About Us

Canvendor offers our customers a wealth of technical and business expertise. We create diverse, complex, web and mobile solutions for any business need. Our knowledge and experience translate to added value and peace of mind for our customers. With Canvendor you get quality software and perfect service every time., As proof of our ability. To create value, about 80% of our revenue comes from recurring orders from existing customers around the world.


Headquartered in San Jose, with project management offices in the United Kingdom and Canada. State-of-the-art development centers in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India. If you need to bring onsite development support into your business, we have many highly skilled developers with a wide range of expertise and skill-sets who can start right away. All our work is stored and protected in a secure and scalable global blockchain cloud infrastructure.


We have an experienced board of directors that oversees company policy and leads our growth and has many years of experience in leading companies. All work is done under the NDA. Our employees and partners are bound by nondisclosure agreements with you. We protect our clients' proprietorship information by adhering to international best practices regarding confidentiality, coding standards, and maintenance.

Delivery Model

We offer an online hybrid model that combines the best offshore programming without any deprivation. All code will be displayed in a private cloud and the source code will be transferred to the end of the project.


A major collaboration infrastructure for offices and development centers around the world, with 360-degree views of all operations, project managers, sales staff, the recruitment staff, and developers are always on the same page, regardless of location or time zone.


We have served more than 1000 customers in 40 countries (USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.)