What we do

Human powered solution for Advanced business success

We have earned a reputation as an industry leader with our unrivaled ability to attract and retain the amazing people who achieve your success. Since our founding, we have invested and developed our core knowledge in acquiring human resources. Today, our network of professional companies offers a complete range of complementary talent solutions that solve every challenge in the workforce.

Semiconductor & Electronics

Canvendor is a global leader in silicon design ER & D services, providing end-to-end silicon engineering services and solutions to help industry leaders bring integrated circuits to the market, as well as in electronics industry too. Leveraging all the benefits of advanced technology in the following solutions such as Embedded platforms, Operational digitization/transformation, and User experience strategy & transformation. Read more...

Software & Internet

We can tackle these competitive challenges together. Dramatically accelerate R & D and new product development using advanced technology skills and innovative technologies. Our services allow our customers to work faster, leverage the latest cutting-edge technology to accelerate new product development, and reduce marketing time from years to months to even weeks. Read more...

Engineering Services

Today, organizations across industries are in a constant state of flux. Consumer expectations have never been higher. Products have never been smarter. Product life cycles have never been shorter. As organizations try to address these challenges amid emerging technology trends and dynamic market conditions, the key to success lies in accelerating time to market in conjunction with time to profit. Read more...

IT Consulting

Our recruitment and Staffing services include contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement solutions to secure the right people for all your business needs. Read more...

We Know Our Customers

We take a comprehensive approach and take the time to understand your business and culture. This allows us to evaluate service needs consultants and jointly develop employee value propositions to attract talented people.