Engineering Services

Today, organizations across industries are in a constant state of flux. Consumer expectations have never been higher. Products have never been smarter. Product life cycles have never been shorter. As organizations try to address these challenges amid emerging technology trends and dynamic market conditions, the key to success lies in accelerating time to market in conjunction with time to profit.

Canvendor unveiled today ‘Canvendor Engineering’, which consolidates a unique set of market leading capabilities in engineering and R&D. Along with the Group’s deep industry expertise and cutting-edge technologies in digital and software, it will support organizations as the digital and physical worlds converge


The automobile enterprise is going through a revolution. New gamers are coming into the auto market, empowered through innovative and disruptive technologies. Younger generations with distinctive expectancies are fostering new commercial enterprise models, and are using a severe differentiation of the product portfolio with a multiplication of automobile variants. Meanwhile, stricter environmental and protection rules are enforcing sizable new investments on manufacturers. This requires new technological breakthroughs including electrification of powertrains and new electric/digital architecture.

Telecom & Media

Our expertise covers the full Telecom lifecycle, including R&D and network consulting and services. We have developed key abilities in Connected TV/Video and Multimedia, OTT content management, Digital services, and mobile applications: Innovation & Design Multimedia, Video, Connected TV Digital applications, including Mobile and new OTT services. Canvendor will help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that are coming with this revolution, with technology consulting and engineering expertise across an emerging ecosystem. A software program platform for next-technology wise automobiles and machines.

Industrial and Consumer Goods

For Industrial and Consumer Goods companies and their supply chains, embracing technological exchange is no longer a choice. However, grappling with the decisions, disruptions, and inevitable cultural evolution that takes place alongside the way to turning into a ‘software’ enterprise… can be overwhelming. Canvendor enables commercial and purchaser goods corporations to leverage the whole blessings of advanced technologies to attain the engineering and business results they value maximum. From tackling small everyday challenges to making plans and enforcing big disruptive variations, we provide quit-to-stop engineering offerings and solutions.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences Companies in the life sciences industry are attempting to stay up with the demands of their customers. They're transitioning from therapy to prevention. Are they, however, doing enough? How can they make the most of the crucial patient data at their disposal to better manage patients' health outcomes? It's time for life sciences organizations to adopt data analytics and use the insights strategically, just like the rest of the industry.
Effective company plans require early detection of trends as well as a strategic aim to achieve real-world results. The majority of decision-makers have been compelled to react to the realm of life sciences' rapid development. Transitioning sales and marketing approaches, increased global regulatory collaboration, altering physician-patient relations, and the all-important growth channel of new markets have all contributed to this shift. Companies in the life sciences industry are shifting their focus from treatment to prevention and patient management.