Canvendor is capable of characterizing the Architecture for SoC and Micro-design for IPs or Sub frameworks. The group is fit for creating IPs without any preparation and guarantees that they are IPXACT consistent. In case it is sub-framework or SoC, the group is knowledgeable about incorporating the accessible IPs including outsider IPs, and raising of the SoC. Aside from this, the group has aptitude in Lint, Clock Domain Crossing (CDC), and Low force static actually looks at utilizing industry-standard devices. As a feature of the expectations, the group guarantees that the plan is union and DFT-prepared.

Canvendor has an accomplished Physical execution group equipped for meeting forceful PPA (force, execution and region) that focuses on cutting-edge innovation hubs. We can claim or co-own the full chip or square executions from RTL to GDSII. Our group has inside and out information to EDA instruments through numerous tapeout openness and has great prearranging abilities to computerize streams and consequently accomplish forceful timetables.

Thriving in an enterprise present process consistent change and opposition method semiconductor groups are not simply engineering chips any greater. Meeting shrinking marketplace home windows calls for fast, convenient scalability. Taming risky roadmaps because of the exponential call for derivatives takes agility. And staying applicable notwithstanding converting cease markets method imparting clients greater fee and innovating new chip architectures for next-gen programs inclusive of AI, ADAS, 5G, AR/VR, data/analytics, etc. Success these days takes greater than best-in-elegance PPA or first-time-proper tape-outs; it calls for a stability among speed, agility, innovation, and value, without dropping sight of ROI.

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Canvendor offers entire development, integration, and trying out of platform software program to prepare ICs and forums for embedded development. OS platform services & abstraction layers, Firmware development, validation, and optimization Device driving force development and porting Board assist packages (BSP), toolchain, and SDKs Test, modeling, and simulation Hardware guide for BIOS, board bring-up, boot support, power & battery management/optimization, device performance optimizations, board diagnostics, and more

Canvendor facilitates semiconductor corporations to deliver precise value to clients with offerings to tailor embedded systems for their clients’ goal markets. Proof of concepts & product design Middleware & APIs UI/UX & HMI Networking, wired & wireless connectivity, communications, IoT, and industrial stacks/protocols Embedded programs for mobile, enterprise, business, IoT & many different cease verticals Testing, interoperability, deployment, compliance & certification, security User enjoys engineering Ecosystem integration includes cloud/edge, data management, analytics, etc. Portfolio of software program frameworks to expedite embedded development and test


Technology is both using and enabling dramatic change in what and the way embedded and digital merchandise are advanced and manufactured. Advancements in AI/ML, IoT, 5G, data/analytics, AR/VR, open standards, etc. are disrupting product feature sets, consumer experience, product categories, and monetization strategies, now no longer to say remodeling the performance of product improvement itself. And ‘smart manufacturing’ solutions leverage a lot of these same techniques to attain dramatic benefits via the virtual transformation of producing and deliver chain.

A large portfolio of frameworks, IP, cloud & IOT platforms, test accelerators, and development kits to expedite the development of core embedded functionality such as connectivity, networking, IoT, security, cloud applications and more.